{giggles}: april, the pioneer

Last night as we were unloading a couple groceries for an Easter Picnic, I noted that I was carrying a very heavy load and could have totally been a pioneer woman. The following comments proceeded from Jon (in his best April voice):
  • Oh no! I have a rash *waaa* I can't go on...(because of my recent arm rash)
  • Oh no...I have *Achoo* allergies...this is too hard *Achoo*
  • What?!? No chocolate...I have no reason to live...
  • And no cookies? *Achoo* I think my rash just got worse...
  • Ooooo...there's a bump on my foot...I'm going to die...*whine*
  • *Achoo* This is too heavy...will you carry it?
He continually makes fun of me in my infirmities...as you can see. I was laughing so hard I started to tear...Oh how I love my rotten husband.


  1. I love reading your posts! They always make me smile.

  2. ha ha you guys are too funny. :D I wouldn't make it as a pioneer either.

  3. I recall you pulling a handcart through the heat, mosquitoes and driving wind of eastern Wyoming with grace and style...you are totally a pioneer woman!

    (I chose not to mention the sneaking out at night part)

    Sis P...


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