{technology}: is amazing

In the five minutes after we found out we needed to leave for Boise I had already checked the weather, the shortest route with top view, written directions and street view, looked at our hotel and what type of pool it had and updated my facebook status to all friends and family that we were leaving-all on my phone. If you would have told our parents ten years ago that such things were possible, and on a cell phone! they would not have believed you. technology is amazing. We only got as far as Beaver, UT in the middle of a blizzard when we found out that going to Boise was not as necessary as we had originally thought. Thank goodness. We were very worried about Jon's sister who was in the hospital with something that originally seemed very serious and turned out to be not as bad as originally thought. We're so glad she's ok. We love you Cristal.

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  1. I tried to comment on your photogrpahy blog, but it didn't work for some reason. Are you curretly working? Do you do maternity? If so, what are your prices? Thank you so much!



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