my birthday.

I get so wrapped up in life that I forget to blog and then I'm sad later that I have those gaps.  It's really enlightening sometimes going back and reading things I've forgotten about.

I had a really amazing birthday.  I'm constantly overwhelmed by all of the love in my life and just incredibly grateful for all the people that provide it.  I find myself often wondering what in the world I did to deserve so much...I hope I'm passing that love on.

I'm continuing to find myself lost in the worlds of photography and birth.  It's like I have 2 different homes that I love so much.  I just spent a bunch of birthday money on buying a birth library to loan out and re-read, but I'm also saving for another lens I just have to have.  They're both mistresses to my real life anyway, but my career in motherhood is fairly certain at this point while both of those are up in the air always.  

I've recently met a friend that's given me a new breath of fresh air..I don't know what it is about the kid that did it but I've needed a revival back into loving photography for too long now.  We played with lights yesterday, shot underwater a few weeks ago and have plans for upcoming projects and I'm really quite enjoying it.  I have finally picked up my camera for fun again.  I realized it was time for some practice and it's been so good for my soul.

I also spent birthday money on a lampshade, more frames and a Bluth banana stand shirt.  My current lampshade has been hanging on by dental floss for 3+ years now and I am more excited than I should be to have a new one.  And honestly, what photographer doesn't need more empty frames around the house??

I'm enjoying this peaceful time with my girls.  They're mostly easy lately and it feels like the calm before the storm.  Stella is sweet, still cuddly and such a lover.  Paisley alone with me is quite the conversationalist and has so many thought provoking questions about the world.  I hope I'm answering them correctly.  They continue to grow and love running around and sneaking chickens into the house.

Jon and I are coming up on 9 years soon.  I love that man.  I have big plans for an incredibly sappy post about that later.

Life is good right now.