{holidays}: paisley's 4!

We love ponies in this house.  Even though she did a pony party last year, she wanted to go for it again this year.  It was either that or Rescue Bots, and she still chose ponies (it was a tough choice though...she LOVES Rescue Bots).  She is turning into such a little girl and has been so much fun.  I'm really enjoying this age with her and I love watching her learn and grow so much.  I think this will be her last year home with me full time and as much as I look forward to it I think I will be sad to see her in school!  

She could not leave her new ponies alone!!  I had to put them back over and over again as she would sneak over and play with them!

The water balloons wouldn't break on the cement!!  It was hilarious!

New Rainbow Dash hat!!

Love rainbow cake.  Totally worth it!

This is totally Paisley in her natural environment!  She loves her chickens and loves playing outside in the dirt.  They are all her babies

This picture is like a little Jon.  She looks so much like him with her neck getting longer!


{update}: a list.

  • ^ Love this quote.
  • Stella is walking.  Like a pro.  She was hesitant at first and crawling was faster and then one day she got her little determined face on and decided to walk every where.  It's super cute because her legs are still just as chubby as ever!  She has been so friendly and happy lately.  She is such a joy to our family and we love her infectious happiness!
  • Paisley is once again either a darling dream of a child OR a complete out of control monster.  It does seem that lately it's been more darling child than monster...but you just never know.  She's processing more, learning so much and asking so many intelligent questions!  We passed a light post at night that's light was out and she said "Mom, you stand on Dad's shoulders and I'll stand on your shoulders and then I'll fix the light!"  This type of problem solving (as far fetched as it might be) was really something I was hoping to instill in my children, so it's amazing to see her put that together.  On good days she's fun to shop with and still loves to be snuggled-we're really just enjoying this inquisitive phase of life she's in.
  • We have roommates!!  A week ago we had some friends move in with us.  Stella is now sleeping in our closet so they can have her room and Paisley is sharing her room with her 2 friends!  It was madness at first but as all the kids are getting used to sharing and such they've actually adjusted really well.  They're building a house very close to ours and their daughter will be in school this week at the elementary school next to us so it just made sense to have them move in.  Now I only have to cook half the week!
  • Baby birthing is fun.  Women in labor are incredible.  The power that emanates from them as they labor and deliver is mind blowing and awesome.  Before going into this I was on the fence if this would ever be a realistic career for me and now I've got my calling.  I love it.
  • Jon's working on a vintage dirt bike for a long trek he wants to embark on.  Crazy kid.  It's good for him.