{rant}: marriage

I am ranting today because I am tired of hearing the same old tumultuous love story. I'm tired of it. And I'm a girl that loves some good drama. But it's getting overdone. What is wrong with being married and still in love? Why does marriage always have to be portrayed as a jail sentance, or as an end to the story? Why are all married couples in the movies bored and tired of each other and looking for a divorce? Or worse-cheating on each other, or contemplating cheating on each other, or going to cheat on each other? Getting married isn't the end. You don't have to choose marriage or a career-you can have both. You don't have to choose marriage or freedom!! Marriage is awesome! I still like my husband!! I'm nearly positive he still likes me! We're not constantly looking for an out! That crazy girl that I once was still exists and thrives a married woman! I love having a buddy in life. I don't think I would like living alone without Jon. And yes-maybe I would have travelled more. But really, it's so much more fun travelling with a friend too!! I don't know-I'm just tired of everything I see on TV portraying such a negative attitude about marriage-it's fun. There is peace in it. Can someone just write a love story between a husband and wife that love each other-that have always loved each other, and will continue to? Is that just too boring? Or too perfect? I worry for the next generation-they seem to think that marriage is a hopeless battle that will most certainly end in divorce!! How terrible is that! How sad is that. Too sad. Much too sad...


{old habits}: wedding videography

If you get a chance, check out the wedding video I posted over on the Foto and Film Blog. It's Chad and I's newest attempt at wedding videography. It was fun but a bit stressful-we edited the whole thing in a couple hours because they wanted it to play at the reception....cutting it all very, very close. It was fun to shoot on Temple Square surrounded by all of these other videographers carrying their heavy video equipment. We strolled around with our little SLR cameras. Oh! And we rented a fisheye lens-way too much fun! Oh, I do love it!


{nostalgia}: journals

I have a feeling that many of my next posts will be nostalgic. Cleaning out my third bedroom has opened the flood gates-and I'm sure they will continue to flow as I continue to sort and clean. I am so glad that I kept a journal during so many random stages of life. I've never solidly kept a journal-there are many breaks inbetween months of journaling, but I wrote about so many important times in my life. One of the most important-while I was dating my husband. I thought I had lost that journal and I didn't! Just finding it was so cool but what I found inside was even better. The neatest thing in the world-the day that I first told my husband that I love him was August 17, 2004. Our first baby was born EXACTLY 5 years later on August 17, 2009 after almost 5 years of being married. How cool is that?!!?! I was blown away. It's so cool to have exact dates of when we met, dated, kissed, he proposed, everything. All journaled in this special book.
Also, I have realized that I'm so glad to be past dating-oh the angst!! I was one sad case when I was still dating-marriage has been nice and stable for me. And I sure do like my husband-he wins the contest for best roommate hands down. MMmmmmm....memories...


{nostalgia}: the notebook

So I've been cleaning out my third bedroom-and it's bad. I was going to take before and after pictures, but it was actually bad enough that I just couldn't do it. Anyway, going through some of this stuff has been quite the trip down memory lane. Particularly sorting through my old journals and notebooks...so funny. Some of you may recognize this notebook...it has many a rambling in it from many random girls and a couple boys too. All the way back from Junior High...awww. Some of the highlights include:
  • "E-mail is a great thing to have!"
  • "Boys are dumb" "Not all guys are bad, some are dead," "We sent one man to the moon, why not send them all?" "So many guys, so little asprin"-We all apparently did not like the opposite gender at this time? Odd, because it seems we typically wrote exclusively about them...?
  • "Crayons are cool." "Applebee's is cool." EVERYTHING is COOL.
  • Fox Mulder and the X-files are the coolest thing in the whole entire world.
  • There are an array of alias' including: Marvin, Skittles, Grandoff, Fox Mulder, Chiquita Banana, Koala, Herman, Bob, Dana Scully, december 3, Hollywood, etc...
  • The official notebook rules: 1. No ripping out pages. 2. Guys are not allowed to read the book unless voted in. 3. No writing badly about anyone involved. 4. Refrain from swearing, but if you must, censor it. 5. Use both sides of the paper (we were going green even back then). 6. Always sign your name (or alias).
  • We discuss slave auctions, having your eagle stolen, periods, crime investigation, fire alarms, "hotties," and other such that when pulled out of context sounds particularly odd.
Overall the entire thing is hilarious. Just thought you might want to walk down memory lane with me...


{my other life}: gartenzwergs

So I did some work on the Foto and Film Blog because I will be doing Tuacahn's Homecoming Dance on Friday and I want it to look good if I have any visitors after. Also, I set up a Facebook page so if you like me, prove it and go find my page on Facebook for Foto & Film! Also, doesn't my sis look hott in a moustache!!

Love, LOVE. Kisses!!


{theories}: mama bear

So I was watching the noon news today and saw the heard the most horrific thing. Something so awful, for the first time in my life I'm grateful I have had an anger problem. Somewhere in Northern Utah a Mom lost her little 4 year old girl in a Deseret Industries only to find her in the Men's bathroom being molested by some awful, creepy man who is now in jail with rape charges. A 4-year-old girl!!!! Just hearing the news sent electric tingles of adrenaline pulsing down my spine-and at that moment I became grateful for my anger problem, my joy in confrontation, and my small amount of self defense classes that have taught me how to use just about ANYTHING as a weapon (thank you Jon Cross!!!) My instant reaction just to hearing this news leads me to believe that if I was in the situation that disgusting man would be toast. I've often wondered what I would do if I myself was attacked but the thought of anyone EVER coming near my daughter causes a rage so violent I could actually be dangerous...I think there may be some validity to the "Mama Bear" theory. I hope I never have the chance to find out...


{ramblings}: 4 am

When they say "5 hour energy," they mean 5 hours of energy...and maybe some more. I'm awake...wide, wide awake home from a drive from Salt Lake in the night-hence the 5 hour energy. I wouldn't endorse regularly using the stuff-it's potent!!
I can't sleep and I can't decide if it's the caffeine or my mind or both. It seems that some of the nights I think I'm falling asleep in front of the TV out of laziness it's actually just to get my mind to shut up. To distract it. Which is not something I endorse.
After reading Mama Pincocks discourse on Worriers I definitely fall into the "Regretters" category-so much that it can literally keep me up at night. Not only does regret keep me up, but what my next course of action should be. I've really learned over the years to shut my mouth and leave things be, but I still have to convince myself that that really is the best course of action in some situations. And I always assume the worst-that everything is always my fault because of some stupid thing I did or said.
I am up tonight because I can't decide what to do. Someone that Jon and I know is telling people untrue things about us around several topics that I had just decided to forget about and move on. Unfortunately for them, they have been speaking to some members of my extended family-and I don't know if they know that they are relatives of mine. (I am related to many people here in Southern Utah). Unfortunately for this person we have pretty specific evidence that paints a much clearer picture that certainly doesn't favor them. I had all intentions of dropping the whole thing and moving on...but it's hard to do knowing that someone out there is bad-mouthing my husband and I when it should probably be the other way around...
Should I be the adult in the situation and just forget it all and hope they stop-or drop to their level to clear our name and trash theirs??? The people we are dealing with are of a juvenile nature so it's extra tempting to take the second course of action...ug..I don't know. And for some reason I'm still awake at 4 in the morning thinking about how to address all of this. I just can't believe people could be so disrespectful and rude! I'm going to sleep on it. Any ideas?