{recipes}: a very bland pot roast

So Sunday I threw a pot roast, celery, carrots and potatoes into our crock pot. I sprinkled in some salt and pepper and water and ran to work. I recieved the report from Jon later that day that my pot roast was very bland. Much too bland for his delicate palate. So the pot roast and veggies ended up in the fridge and has been chilling (literally) there since then. Not wanting to waste a perfectly bland pot roast, I formulated the following recipe. So far, it tastes pretty good, and could potentially come in handy for left over pot roast in the future.

I put olive oil, green onions and garlic in a pot on med until fragrant. I cut up the roast and veggies into chunks and threw then in the pot. I added a cup or so of lentils and around 4 cups of water. I then spooned in some remaining juices from the roast since I didn't have any bullion. I added a ton of black pepper, garlic salt and salt and a couple of pats of butter. I took my smoothie mixer thing and blended it all together in the pot, leaving a couple of chunks here and there. I neglected to take a picture because it looks a bit like throw up at this point. I left it to boil to cook the lentils and then I put some in a bowl and ripped up big chunks of hearty wheat bread to mop it up with. It is yum. I can't recommend it by the look of it, but the taste is delicious! AND not bland!

Just thought I would share.

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  1. Some of my best recipes look like throw-up...it's all good Momma!


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