{projects}: the bedroom

After we moved to our new place (almost a year ago) we decided that we wanted to switch our comforter from the blue side to the green side. Originally we had a blue comforter, and tan sheets with matching shams I made when we were first married. We decided to opt for green comforter/chocolate brown sheets and oddly, I had a hard time finding shams I liked. So after months of checking and looking around I found this tablecloth at Target! I not only used the material for the shams but for the background in these silhouettes of Jon and I on either side of our bed!
Awww...Jon and his beard.
The floral pattern not only incorporates the green and chocolate brown, but the same blue that is the other side of the comforter and a yellow! (I like the yellow, thus the exclamation mark). Now I just need to find reasonably priced drawer pulls for our dresser and put together my new nightstand (if you notice from the picture mine is smaller. We did that on accident. We've bought each piece of furniture one at a time because we can't afford it any other way and we accidentally got 2 different sized nightstands. I want a bigger one so I can fill it with stuff!) Many of you may have gotten to know Bert, my chair from college. We brought him home from DI one day in the back of Audrey's car. I never pictured myself nursing my babies on him, but he's just so darn comfortable and ugly I can't bear to part with him. I used to wake up every morning and sit on him while I read my scriptures and ate my breakfast cereal in the middle of our kitchen back in the days of the Betty Manor. Looking at my big warm comfy bed is making me tired...I think I'm off to bed. If anyone would like to know the trick to silhouettes or sham making, feel free to call. I certainly don't consider myself an expert (I cheat and use things like zippers) but either way I'd love to help.


  1. I love your room! They look amazing! Way to go on being crafty and thrifty. :)

  2. I gotta know how you did those silhouettes...so romantic and sweet.

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. It means a lot. You were NOT awful or a mess...just a teenager (although you did make me work for my dollar on occasion).
    And if I had even a TINY part in your becoming such an amazing woman I will take the compliment!

    Love you bunches...

  3. Oh, and you are not a brat either but that quote is from Marianne Williamson's book " A Return to Love" but often mistakenly attributed to Mandela's inaugural address...
    Thanks for reading!


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