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It was time. And I am so excited for this. It's just for fun. I will miss working all the time with Rachel (We've recently divorced and are currently working out custody). I feel like Rachel and I were constantly trying to prove ourselves-I don't know, it could have just been me, what do you think Rach? But I don't want to take it so seriously this time around. This isn't a business. This is just me taking pictures because I love, love, love to take pictures and I want to share. What Rachel and I did with Amelie is still so incredible to me because in a few short years we went from nothing to a legitimate business and contender in the St George Wedding Photography market. But it took a lot of time and blood, sweat & tears and with kids and jobs we just can't keep up with it anymore. So we say goodbye to Amelie and hello to a new beginning of a hobby and talent that I love. Enjoy!

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  1. I think we were trying to prove ourselves to the rest of world! I know I'm just glad I get to do this as a hobby.. at least till jake can support me :)
    and since we never actually have time. I will write you an email about custody.


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