{world's greatest}

After driving to Page, AZ and through several small towns I saw lots of opportunities to try "The World's Best [fill in blank here]."  It got me thinking about where I had eaten the worlds best fish'n'chips and I decided to make a list.  The more I thought about it, the more I've realized that beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, and so maybe those Fish'n'chips at that tiny diner in LaVerkin miles from any ocean really are the best fish'n'chips the owner or some customer have ever had.  A list:

  • World's Best Chicken Strips and Fries:  Kelly Canyon.  After hours of freezing and destroying myself snowboarding NOTHING has been more delicious.  I get them every time!
  • World's Best Turkey Sandwich:  Dixie Regional Medical Center.  They're available 24 hours a day and smeared with delicious cream cheese and cranberry.  It is truly the best treat after pushing out a baby and something I looked forward to after the delivery of Stella!!
  • World's Best Chocolate Milk:  Reed's Dairy.  Any of you that have tried it know you can't argue with me!!  It's the best.
  • World's Best Sushi: Some random sushi shack on Ocean Ave in Huntington.  After sleeping in the car for 2 days and laying on the beach eating those lobster rolls was the best thing that ever happened to me!
  • World's Best Lemonade: Wendy's natural.  2 Hours of shooting Omega force photos in the hot sun here in StG reinforced how delicious and wonderful this lemonade really is.
  • World's Best Tamale:  the awesome tamale lady that used to go door-to-door selling them!  Sooo good.
  • World's Best Stroganoff:  My Mom's.  She would have to double and triple the recipe to make enough to feed all of us because we wanted seconds and thirds.  My mom makes the best meatloaf and chocolate chip cookies too if you were wondering!
  • World's Best Huckleberries:  Straight off the bush in the mountains of Idaho.  Haven't tried a huckleberry?  You need to.
  • World's Best Gelato:  Pedro Eis.  It is the best.  They're on every corner in Bavaria and nothing yet has been able to top it's amazingness...and the fact that you have to be in Europe to enjoy some helps!
  • World's Best Dutch Oven Cooking:  Girls camp 1997.  I'll never forget the first time I had dutch oven chicken and potatoes and nothing has topped those first few bites!!
  • World's Best Breadstick:  Pizza Factory!!  No story with it-they're just the best!!
  • World's Best Coke: Cold and from a single can in Germany on 4th of July.  I'm not a big Coke fan but nothing tasted more American that day than coke in a can.  We missed our country.
  • World's Best Apricot:  Off my tree!!  It might be because she only produced 6 this year so all her attention was on making those 6 amazing.  I can't wait until we get more next year!!
  • World's Best Pie:  the first pie I made successfully all on my own!  Pie making and pie crust are an art and something I wanted to achieve sooo much and on that Thanksgiving that I finally did it nothing was more delicious!!  I still remember my Mom coming home to my flour covered frustrations...
  • World's Best Steak:  made by Jon, donated by the Mickelson's, bbqed on my back patio at the Betty Manor.  I had never had steak properly cooked (medium rare) at that point and it opened up a whole new world to me!
There are so many more...What are some of yours??