April is Prego...

This is a picture of Me and Jon.  I am blonde now, and much much skinnier and Jon looks like a cartoon...
The pictures I took of my test turned out bad, so I stole a stock photo on the internet.  You can just pretend it's mine-it's the same brand I took.  


Snow Day!!!

Our poor kitty-kat got her first taste of snow this year.
Unbelievable.  seriously.
St George had it's first real snow day.  School was cancelled and everything (for a whole 2 inches of snow.  I know, it's weird)  We're a bit more accustomed to Idaho where we need a good 5 feet to cancel school.  Anyway, I've never seen it stick for a whole day-and such huge flakes!  It was a amazing!

Secret Santa

So, long story short, we have a group of friends that we do FHE with every week and this year we decided that instead of having our own Christmas Party and buying each other gifts that we would like to do a Secret Santa project.  It was the coolest thing because we really pulled together more stuff than I thought possible.  I was so amazed to see how much we were able to do and it was just the neatest thing.  I think the best part about it is that I feel like half of us could use a secret santa this year, and we were still all able to contribute.  Love it.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

The live Nativity

There were goats and shepards and llamas and everything!

And jon in his snow suit, and I in my scarf...

Jon and I had the opportunity to go with a bunch of our friends to the live Nativity at Tuacahn here in St George.  So fun.

Gingerbread houses and Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Tree!  Instead of a star, or an angel or anything like that we have the grinch!
Jon says it is even more stunning in person.  Truly a gingerbread work of art.
His houses are always so creative and different.  It really isn't fair.
Mines way bigger than his.

Smashing Pumpkins in Vegas

So, my friend Kristy invited me to go on a date with her to Smashing Pumpkins right after Thanksgiving and it was a sweet concert.  I have tried multiple times to upload a video of it, but Blogger hates me, so it's not happening.  sorry.  It was awesome.
Our one decent, yet still blurry picture of both of us.


We had us a gluten free thanksgiving this year.  It was traditional and non-traditional all at the same time.  I think Simon had never seen so much food all in one sitting (he's from England, so he is only beginning to see the large quantities of food we Americans attempt to shove in our mouths for holidays sake.)
Kristy really, really wanted some of that Apple cider.
Oooo, and here is Jon with the beginning of his now massive beard.  He made the pumpkin pie almost all by himself this year.
I love whip cream.


Beware, there may be some Movie Spoiling in this one...

So I may have watched this movie twice now, and I kind of sort of downloaded the soundtrack, which I am listening to a little bit and ummm...I'm like 15 years old.  Hey, at least I don't have the pink streak in my hair anymore-that would drop me to 13.  I did like the movie.  I had to see it a second time to decide.  I think my favorite is still the baseball scene-just because it is EXACTLY how I played it out in my mind while reading the book.  Critique?  Well, I was a little disappointed in some of the dialogue-I really feel like some of the stuff straight from  the book was less cheesy than what they ended up saying.  I was a bit bugged that they added scenes not in the book and left some important scenes out that I think should have been there.  I can understand if they have to cut scenes due to time-but if they are filling in with other stuff that wasn't in the book-that bugs.  Overall casting was SO much better than I originally thought it was going to be.  Just looking at stills of the actors that they cast pre-movie I was very worried.  I really like how they all turned out.  Edward and Bella-perfect.  I didn't think I was going to like Jasper and I think he worked great.  They really needed to tone down Carlisle's makeup-I think he would have been so much better toned down a bit.  OH!  The Edward in the sun thing-ug.  ew.  sad.  Oh well.  I can't think of how they could have done it better, but it was WAAAY too cheesy.  Considering the small budget and inexperience of the production crew, I think it went better than I thought.  Overall, I liked the movie, and if you want to go again...I'm game.


April Baby

So this was me as a baby.  I threw a Baby Shower last night and we had everyone bring baby pictures.  This is me.  I was surprised that a lot of people seemed surprised it was me.  It was a fun shower-Congratulations to Rachel, she totally cleaned up gift-wise.  So awesome.  And I think it was a lot of fun.  I'm just glad it all came together in the end...


I'm a Loner Dottie, a Rebel...

I'm in a bit of a weird funk today.  I renewed my love affair with The Get-up Kids and it has taken me to a different place in my life.  A place of sadness, lots and lots of running, countryside, and the comforting smell of chlorine and trees.  It's just weird how when you give all the CD's back at the end of a relationship and then go without hearing songs you listened to everyday for a couple years-the things that spring back to life are crazy when you hear all of them again.  If you get the chance, go listen to the entire "Something to write home about" album from The Get-up Kids.  You'll thank me later.


Bath & Body Works...

Well, I am making the transition from Halloween stuff to Christmas.  I already miss the Halloween store-it was so weird to pack it all up and be done already.  It doesn't seem like November!  For the time being, you will be able to now find me at Bath & Body Works.  This is my 4th time working for The Limited Brand Co. and I've loved it every time.


Gubler Family Reunion...

So, if you can't tell already it was a western theme.
We sautered?/burned our names into wood that had "Gubler" on it already
Deputy Christina (my sister) was on patrol...
And then she turned into a fish...
And then Julie turned into a fish too...the end.  It was fun.  Wish I had more pics!


Family Pictures...

This one is for Mom-you'll notice I toned down my hair color..
This is our serious pose.  Jamie does the best serious face.
I do love how her arms are sprawled out-like she just wants to run up and hug you or someone else...


The Jon & April Foundation

We are now taking donations to the Jon and April Foundation.  This foundation was developed so that one day, Jon and I can too have children.  Due to our lack of health insurance, and and because we "make too much" we will never, ever to be able to afford munchkins.  We accept both personal checks and cash...


Screw Bachelor's Degrees.  I, April, am working for minimum wage this season at the Halloween store!!!!  I get to dress up everyday for the month of October, which is definitely worth the drop in wages!  I am so excited!  On a sadder note, we dropped my sister off at the airport to go home today.  I hope she does well.  We will miss having our little 17-year-old child.  


Amelie Photography & Video...

So, my sister Julie has been staying with Jon and I for a couple months, so Rachel and I decided to make use of her.  So we threw her in a dress and said smile!  Have a look...

Our summer...


Little Boxes, Little Boxes and they're all made out of ticky-tacky...

Well, a bit about Jon and I.  We've been married now for, almost 3 and a half years.  We still live in our dominantly orange apartment with our cat (and child) Jamie.  Currently we are hosting another resident, my sister Julie.  We've been the home to many random residents through our marriage, my business partner Rachel for a couple months, and many other friends looking for a bit of sanctuary.  It's nice to think that our old and very orange home can be a sanctuary for other people-it certainly is for us.  Jon and I are both planning on going back to school full time in the fall-something that we have not both done for 3 years.  We've switched off a lot as to who goes to school full time and who works full time.  Now I will be doing 3 jobs and full time school and Jon will be doing 1 job, full time school, and trying to help with my sanity full time.  WE JUST WANT BACHELOR'S DEGREES!  And sometimes, I don't really know why.  If you would like to venture into the world of our jobs, feel free to visit the following websites:  Amelie Photography:  http://www.ameliephotography.com, St George Weddings:  http://www.stgeorgeweddings.com, Jon's work:  http://www.orangebychoice.com, and my other full time job...I'm going back to trouble youth.  I love it.  When we are not working and going to school, we have a fabulous group of friends and activities that keep us rather busy:  Monday is FHE, Tuesday is Volleyball, Wednesday is Hip-Hop class, Thursday is Scrubs, Lost, and movie night.  Friday lately is supposed to be Date night but has been turning into go-home-and-sleep-night, which we're both OK with.  Saturday Jon works on this crazy VW Bus that he loves and I'm usually off shooting a wedding, or editing a wedding, or something to do with weddings and pictures.  Sometimes we clean the house-but it is a rare happening, unfortunately.  Having my 17-year-old sister with us has been fun.  She has had a huge awakening as to the world of marriage, pregnancy and young children.  Currently it seems that all of my close friends and current co-workers are prego or have children.  fun fun.  Someday Jon and I will have children.  People ask us more and more when and really, we couldn't tell you.  It will be a surprise, randomly one day to all of you.  We just want to be a little more ahead of the game I suppose.  Our most recent excuse is that they are expensive and they eat your food.  and they do.  Ask anyone that has one.  Right now is a huge transitioning phase for us and if we can get through all of this, it will be great.  I think that is enough for tonight-perhaps more another day...


More Mexico

If you look very closely, you can see "Sweet" and "Dude"
We caught a Starfish!