{my infirmities}: candida

So I have candida. That's the prettier term for a yeast infection. And that's not all, I also have a Urinary Tract Infection. So, basically, my crotch hurts...a lot. I know this may be TMI, and I apologize, but at the same time I wanted to share some of my candida research because it freaks me out.

I am a sugar addict. I used to use that term jokingly until I found myself needing sugar to get by. Literally. Not just "ooo, a treat might be nice" but honestly needing it to get through the day. Because I spend my days on my feet trying to be a shiny happy person to everyone, sugar has become a staple in my diet. Cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon bears, soda and such has gone from a once in a while treat to a daily need to get by. And that isn't all. With further investigation of the frozen meals I was eating daily, the pre-packaged dinners I cooked once in awhile, my breakfast cereal-EVERYTHING was loaded with sugar. I've paid close attention to calories, fat, and even fiber, but never really my sugar intake. It was both shocking and alarming to see how bad everything really is.

Sugar feeds yeast. Literally feeds yeast. Like, the infection I have spreading all over my body is fed by sugar. So much that it causes your body to crave and need sugar. EW!!! All of the symptoms of candida make so much sense, and my insatiable need for sweets suddenly started to make sense! I am feeding an infection that is spreading through my body!!! GROSS!!!

So yesterday I spent the day at Costco, reading ingredient label after ingredient label trying to figure out what I can and cannot eat. All of the "candida cleansing" diets I read are largely meat and veggie based, no grains (carbs=sugar), no fruit, no beans, etc. Given the word of wisdom, a meat based diet is not for me, so I am incorporating grains, but only whole grains. I am giving up sugar for 21 days. This is my own decision-I figure it takes 21 days to change a habit and if I know that it's only for 21 days I think I can stick to it. After that I am hoping that my infection will be gone, and I can begin incorporating some sweets back into my diet.

Yesterday was really hard. Giving up sugar has been compared to giving up any drug. I am currently going through withdrawl-headaches, bodyaches and severe cravings. It's been weird so far and I'm only one day in. This morning I woke up shaking and with a pounding, pounding headache. Food helped, it's just bizarre to think how much I have come to rely on sugar as my get-up-and-go.

One thing I can say, giving up sweets to fight off an infection is far more important to me than any diet. Every time I tried to diet and give all this stuff up, I failed. I see more now why. My health and not having a vicious infection spread through my body is way more important than any diet has ever been. I have a feeling I'm going to need to blog about this a lot because it's been really hard so far, and that was just yesterday. It's embarassing to be so addicted to something and not even realize it until my body started to fall apart...


  1. you are pretty much on a diabetic diet! Just like us! I have many cookbooks if you want to take a gander.. we even get a monthly magazine!
    get sweet potato fries at costco they are the best!!

  2. Don't give up baby girl...it is worth it. Trust me...

  3. WOW I had NO idea that sugar can do that to a yeast infection and that it can becomes something much more serious! You poor thing UTI's and the like are THE WORST. My friend Michelle and I were talking about this very thing yesterday, because when you have one, you literally are reminded of it ever second! I hope your cutting sugar for an infection is more motivating than an actual diet.....truth is in twenty one days you will look and feel better than you EVER have and may want to quit sugar forever...I have heard that stomach fat is strictly from sugar and the easiest way to loose twenty pounds in to cut out sugar and fruits completely!!! SUPER hard because like you the rest of the world is addicted to sugar to some extent. Good Luck keep blogging I would love to hear how this goes for you!

  4. Ohhhh...poor April! :( I hope you feel better. I might have to take your advice, because I have a pretty bad sweet tooth and I don't it to turn out bad for me later! ouch...there was this girl up at college that NEVER eats sugar. Not since she was 10. How CRAZY is that? Thats like 10 years w/out sugar! Maybe that will help with your 21 days. Water is awesome too. love you!

  5. Oh best of luck! It is interesting how it's easier when it's not a vanity thing, though.

    Do acidophilis supplements help? I know they give them to you for yeast issues with breastfeeding.

    I hope you feel better soon.


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