April is Prego...

This is a picture of Me and Jon.  I am blonde now, and much much skinnier and Jon looks like a cartoon...
The pictures I took of my test turned out bad, so I stole a stock photo on the internet.  You can just pretend it's mine-it's the same brand I took.  


Snow Day!!!

Our poor kitty-kat got her first taste of snow this year.
Unbelievable.  seriously.
St George had it's first real snow day.  School was cancelled and everything (for a whole 2 inches of snow.  I know, it's weird)  We're a bit more accustomed to Idaho where we need a good 5 feet to cancel school.  Anyway, I've never seen it stick for a whole day-and such huge flakes!  It was a amazing!

Secret Santa

So, long story short, we have a group of friends that we do FHE with every week and this year we decided that instead of having our own Christmas Party and buying each other gifts that we would like to do a Secret Santa project.  It was the coolest thing because we really pulled together more stuff than I thought possible.  I was so amazed to see how much we were able to do and it was just the neatest thing.  I think the best part about it is that I feel like half of us could use a secret santa this year, and we were still all able to contribute.  Love it.  Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!

The live Nativity

There were goats and shepards and llamas and everything!

And jon in his snow suit, and I in my scarf...

Jon and I had the opportunity to go with a bunch of our friends to the live Nativity at Tuacahn here in St George.  So fun.

Gingerbread houses and Christmas Trees

Our Christmas Tree!  Instead of a star, or an angel or anything like that we have the grinch!
Jon says it is even more stunning in person.  Truly a gingerbread work of art.
His houses are always so creative and different.  It really isn't fair.
Mines way bigger than his.

Smashing Pumpkins in Vegas

So, my friend Kristy invited me to go on a date with her to Smashing Pumpkins right after Thanksgiving and it was a sweet concert.  I have tried multiple times to upload a video of it, but Blogger hates me, so it's not happening.  sorry.  It was awesome.
Our one decent, yet still blurry picture of both of us.


We had us a gluten free thanksgiving this year.  It was traditional and non-traditional all at the same time.  I think Simon had never seen so much food all in one sitting (he's from England, so he is only beginning to see the large quantities of food we Americans attempt to shove in our mouths for holidays sake.)
Kristy really, really wanted some of that Apple cider.
Oooo, and here is Jon with the beginning of his now massive beard.  He made the pumpkin pie almost all by himself this year.
I love whip cream.