{travels}: september

We're going to post in opposite order today.

Lunch died Sunday morning.  It was really sad.  We knew going in that we would probably lose a chicken or 2, but having to explain death to Paisley has been rough.

We kind of love having roommates.  It really isn't so bad.  I have that many more children to clean my house for me and there is never a dull moment!  I love sharing cooking responsibilities and it is SOO much easier to babysit kids that live with you and have a built in babysitter!  We're having fun.

It seems every time I go to Vegas for one thing or another I have enlightening experiences.  This last trip was no different.  And it was so fun.  It's always nice to miss your kids for a minute.

Gotta love insta pics.
Before that, Paisley and I went to Dallas!!  I had a family reunion for my Clark side and it turned out to be easiest to just take Paisley with me.  She is obsessed with airplanes and LOVES flying.  The plane we got on here in St George was hot and small and I thought I was going to die of sickness-all the while she made friends and happily stared out her window.  We used the bathroom no less that 4 times between both flights to get there.

The whole group that went to whirly ball
I got to hang out with my Grandma, my parents and spend some time with my extended family.  It was a very laid back trip and I loved just relaxing and talking to everyone.  I had never played whirly ball and we got to go play as a group.  It's a terrifying game that involves driving a bumper car while trying to catch a whiffle ball with a lacrosse style scoop and make it in your teams basketball hoop type thing.  Yep.  It's hard core.

This clustercuss pretty much sums it up.

I had high hopes for Paisley going to a modern art museum...she lasted about 10 minutes.  All those are instillations are just tooo tempting to touch and stand on.  It was just too hard.  I can sympathize-I always want to touch them too.  Thankfully only the bottom floor was open so nobody was too sad about being in and out.
Sunday morning we went to visit Grandpa.  Cemeteries are also not a great place for children.  I love trying to figure out which graves she stole things from...those flowers just look like they're meant to be grabbed and moved around.  She did really pretty good considering.
We finished off the reunion with dinner and cake for my grandma.  As per tradition, we were in our matching reunion t-shirts-something that I love!  This years design was particularly..um...interesting, but I think pictures turned out darling.

The entire reunion was wonderful but I was so happy to get back home!  I missed my husband and Stella sooo much.