{growing}: a big girl cup for paisley

Paisley has started using a big girl cup! I read that it's possible if you just teach them and it is! I am really hoping to transition her straight from boob to cup after the year mark. She's had bottles, and I don't have a problem with them or anything, I just don't want her to get hooked. I've heard the goodnight feeding is the hardest to break, and I really don't have a problem continuing that after the year mark, I'm just hoping that we can smoothly transition her to milk in a cup during snacks and meals and call it good, and then maybe continue to nurse the last feeding. We'll see...she may not need it. Luckily she doesn't usually fall asleep nursing-we put her to bed wide awake and she's learned to go to sleep so I don't know if she'll even need it...I can't believe how big she is! She is so much fun. Her poor teeth have been giving her troubles off and on so she's been more needy lately but thank goodness I'm home. I think it would have been really hard on Jon if he was the one here trying to do school and work still.

He loves his new job. I think it's been a long time since he's been in a positive work environment where he's not constantly being torn down-he doesn't understand the positve encouragement and love he's received so far. It's so funny. Instead of all horrible IM's and phone calls he used to recieve (his old job rarely bothered to address him in person whether he was in the office or at home) he gets constant praise and feels needed. It is so nice for him and so comforting for me. He spent so many months wondering if they were just trying to make him quit because they were so awful-now he's had threats of murder at his new job if he even jokes about leaving! He loves it. They are such good people. We feel very blessed.

In other news...while I was sick I watched Anne of Green Gables. I don't know how many other people have seen those movies but I LOVE THEM! We used to watch them as kids and I haven't seen them in years! If you haven't ever seen them watch them. It's so worth it!


  1. Totally possible! I have four kids and a stash of barely used bottles to prove it. About 9 months was my earliest cup user...good luck my dear!

  2. LOVE Anne! Oh wow- you'll have to let Lexie and I watch them with you again, since I don't have a VHS player. :D Good luck with miss Paisley. And I'm truly soooo happy for Jon. Sounds like an awesome job!


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