{unbelievable}: my identity has been stolen!

I'm a little freaked out! There is a hack using my name and doing photography and she's not very good and her website sux!!! I can't believe someone would just steal my name like this!


Actually, I was testing to see how difficult it would be to find me if you didn't know my married name, and then how difficult it would be to find me even if you did know my married name. It's difficult. There are a lot of April's out there and a lot of April Davis' and April Clark's. It's a little weird....


  1. You're right, she isn't very good - and that's coming from a total amateur, so that's BAD. Sorry your identity was stolen, although I guess neither April, Davis, nor Clark are very rare names, so it was bound to happen.

  2. that's crazy! I'll have to check her out. And...welcome to the mom club!!


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