{project}: my kitchen floor...ew!

You'll notice not only the blackness of my knees, but of the mop water that is the scariest... This was my first official project while home, and it was desperately needed. After an initial bleach brush with the mop, another brush over with the horsehair brush by hand, and a lot of mr. clean mop stuff that smells like yummy lavender, the magic eraser really did the trick. This photo only slightly shows off how truly filthy my knees and legs are...it was bad. Paisley would crawl over to say hi to me while I was cooking and such and end up with big black marks all over her hands and knees...it was so gross. One cleaning project down, oh so many more to go...


  1. Oh gads- that's just gross! Hmmm might have to clean those kitchen floors before we'll let Lexie in the room. :( Nasty! Good work though. :D

  2. I can't believe how gross you are... jk.


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