{nostalgia}: close to home

I've blogged about this before, but music is amazing. The grip it has on my emotions isn't fair. Once again, I blog about The Get-up Kids. I think they were there during a bizarre transitional time in my life and still, STILL every time I listen to them I get butterflies and dizzy. There was so much going on at the time. I was running, running and running in so many ways. I ran away to Germany, I came home and I tried every day to run away from there. I ran through country roads, around parks and up and down stairs in the mountains. I finally did run away from home and found myself in St. George. Still running and in love with a person that today I can see was fictional. Running to California, running back home, but ever, ever running. It was exhausting. And then one day at the end of our fictional love, the CD's went home with him, and the Get-up Kids with him. I think that's why listening to them is so shocking, I didn't for years. And thus a new chapter was opened in my life-one without running and Get-up Kids. I listen to them now and they IMMEDIATELY shock me back into this time in my life like nothing else can. It is bizarre because so many other albums remind me of different chapters in my life, but nothing like this...

In that same breath I constantly look to Jon and tell him I am so grateful for new music in our relationship. The summer I met him I was reintroduced to such albums as Pinkerton by Weezer and Final Straw by Snow Patrol. OH, and The Scientist. You see, my roommates and I that year became obsessed with a certain movie soundtrack. For those of you that have seen Wicker Park...the movie is ok, but the soundtrack is AWESOME. And we listened to it every day. Seriously though, every day. The Scientist is the last song and everytime I hear it it takes me back to Jon. It's not the original by Coldplay, but a cover and I LOVE IT.
All of this is different though-I still listen to these songs. They weren't locked away in a vault awaiting me to download them randomly and be overwhelmed. They don't shock me when I hear them, they just wash over me like sunshine offering the same warmth and comfort.

Aw, Get-up Kids. My relationship with you is complicated, and I think it always will be. Perhaps I will start running again...but not away, just around.

{Side Note} This is not an original post...now I'm wondering if I'm just running in circles...clickhere

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