{nostalgia}: wedding photography

I'm feeling very nostalgic this morning. Rachel and I shot our last wedding together last night and it mad me a little sad. I love wedding photography. I love the giant dresses, I love the chaos, and I love the cake. I'm also suddenly feeling a little old. Not too old, but realizing that I'm past some of the more juvenile parts of young weddings. It's sad not having the business that we once did, but we just don't have the time! Weddings are HUGE, and when I mean huge I mean 30-40 hours of editing huge. Now that I'll be home it seems like something I could more realistically tackle, but not with Paisley. And I don't want to do it alone. I've grown accustomed to having a buddy with weddings. It's nice. We flow well, and at this point with as many weddings as we've done, we're like a well oiled machine. That was part of the fun part-shooting this wedding took me back to a short time ago before babies, husbands and so much going on in life. A time where if we weren't shooting a wedding every weekend, we were editing a wedding every weekend. It was fun. We had good times...

I'm excited moving forward to do things on my own, but I do miss you Rachel... ;-)

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  1. i miss you too april...
    but now we can just hang out, and not have to work everytime we see each other..


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