{blessings}: a breath of fresh air

(Paisley at Cinco de Mayo...she loves maracas)

Oh my what a week. My mind is still spinning. Here's the Laundry List:
  • JON GRADUATED!!!! Oh my gosh it is still so exciting! This has been many years in the making and I am so happy for him. It's been rough!
  • JON GOT A NEW JOB!!! This was incredibly unexpected and extremely surprising and wonderful. They actually found him because the college referred him and really liked his work. They need a full time employee to be their Art Director, which is just what Jon was hoping to do someday!
  • I GET TO STAY HOME! I can't wait. I have list after list of things to catch up on and do. I just can't wait to clean my house and hang out with Paisley...
  • JON QUIT HIS OTHER JOB!!! This was one of the most exciting happenings. If you'd like to hear the full story, call. It's funny.
  • I smashed my knee taking pictures...the camera, thank goodness, is still very well intact.
Among all the chaos we had both sets of parents come visit, on Mother's Day Weekend (busiest weekend other than holiday at Bath & Body Works). I had to work through the whole weekend, making things extra busy. We're glad to be on the other side, taking a breath of fresh air...


  1. How sad... I didn't make the list!

  2. Congratulations! On all of it!

    I'm glad things are working out for you guys. Give Paisley a kiss for me. (:

  3. WoOt! Sooo jealous! I have 3 more semesters and who knows how many Royce has. Congratulations to Jon! Give him our love. I'm going to enjoy my last summer as a SAHM (still taking a class online, though). Where is Jon's new job? If you guys can swing it, we'd love to see you in Portland for Tom's wedding. xoxoxox

  4. YEAH!!!!! i'm soooo happy to hear your good news!! Does this mean you are quitting your other job now that Jon has a job and in town to boot?! (i wasn't ready for you to move anyway)


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