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I finished my Candida "cleanse." It's been weird eating sugar again. I don't like it as much and I was only off it for 21 days! I tried to chew bubble gum today and didn't even like it...I can't eat a whole pan of brownies anymore...it's so weird. But good. I lost 10 pounds...that's pretty exciting. I'm really looking forward to being at home because the first thing to do on my list is to work out. every day. I seriously have a list of things to do that will last me at least a year-and it continues to grow! I'm going to start with catching up on housecleaning-that should last at least a month, and then get started on finishing quilts, scrapebooks, editing, etc. I've got to completely clear off my computer and reinstall-that's going to be a huge project. Oh and Jon and I have to get things going with our calling too-I'm just excited because I'll actually have time to really get into it. We're the Family History Consultants, which is something that I love to do, and now we'll have time to do it! And we're going to go camping a lot more. Oh, I am so excited. I love my job at Bath & Body, I really really do, but I love my family so much more and I really look forward to devoting my time to them instead. It's exciting.

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