{organize}: my list

So I've been compiling a list of things to do when I find the time, and possibly the place. This is a bit for my own record, and perhaps some entertainment:
  • Beekeeping. I just decided today that I want a beehive. I won't need honey in my food storage...I will be making it (and by me, I mean my pet bees will). This is something that I probably can't do here in our rental, but maybe one day when we have a house like residence.
  • Food Storage. I need to organize it. I have some...it needs work. This will be a project.
  • Cleaning up the 3rd bedroom. This has gotten so bad, I may need to go on a reality TV show to get through it. This ties directly with the Food Storage goal because I need a place to put it.
  • Cleaning out the closets. Awww sweet organization. Off to DI with some old clothes...
  • Reformatting the computer and filtering through the MASSIVE iphoto library I have acquired. This will probably take at least a month. Ouch.
  • editing. ;-(
  • My calling. I have many, many meetings I should be attending and so, SO much I could be learning and doing when it comes to indexing, the new family history website and my own family history. I'm so lucky to be here in St. George, a mecca to my mom's side of the family and a gold mine of information, pics, graves and such.
  • Catch up on scrape-booking. I'm not super far behind, just about 9 months, which oddly is how old my child is...hopefully this isn't a pattern.
  • Finish my denim quilt.
  • Start on Halloween costume...I think I'm going to do some fabulous dress. I can't decided between Sleepy Hollow or Sherlock Holmes...so many options.
  • I have SO many crocheting projects to finish I can't list them.
  • I think I want to take up fruit drying. For food storage reasons, and possibly to sell at our local Farmers Market. No One steal my idea!!!
  • Garden. I still need to plant. We started late last year too but ended up with some nice radishes, tomatoes and watermelons in our pots.
  • Digital bill planning. Currently I have a calendar that I write on...I should probably get on Quickbooks or Excel or something. This isn't fun so I put it towards the end.
  • I really want to throughly clean and perfect each room in my house to the point that I could take a picture and show people, and say things like: this is my clean house. isn't it wonderful...and just remember that picture when it is constantly destroyed. Is that a weird goal?
  • Sort wrapping paper. Don't ask. It's bad. Let's just say I love to wrap things.
  • Begin stock photography.
  • I love making cupcakes but I always buy cake mix and store bought frosting. I want to break out of those boxes and start experimenting with homemade. This may wait until winter when it is realistic to have an oven on in ones house. Mmmm...cupcakes. I'll share.
  • Fabric Design has become a new fascination of mine...I'm going to look into it.
Like I said...emptying this out of my brain on onto computer is already helpful. Posts will follow...


  1. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you it's now late at night but... My day care is in Hurricane so I don't think you would want to take her all the way out there. So I don't know where else sorry... I wish I did...
    Sorry about the camping trip too I bet that was a lot of fun sorry we missed we should do it another time it has been way to long since we have seen you guys

  2. I love your list. I think I may post one of my own. I got way behind on a million things while I was sick, so to some degree I feel your pain. (:

    Reading Mandi's post makes me realize I never called you to tell you we couldn't make it the day you went camping. I cleaned all day that day and I was exhausted. I hope you guys had a fun time, we'll have to do something else like that with everyone soon.

  3. that list scares me!!!! but I still love it :)))


    p.s. this is anna just in case it shows up as jason


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