{wanderlust}: getting to be that time again...

So, it's late.  And I took a nap today, which I know better than to do, but I did and here I am...awake.  And feeling that wanderlust creep in...every couple of months I start to crave it.

That may be my only regret to settling down.  I love to travel...I love new things, new people, new places but my body craves the security and comfort of being at home...and having a home.  literally.

And as I've gotten older, been married longer, had Paisley...we've travelled less and less.  I haven't seen an ocean in 2 years!!!  We're talking about doing Mexico in the spring...but it's scary with what is going down, and leaving Paisley scares me-mostly because I worry that something could happen to us and she would be parentless!

But as I look at pictures of friends around the world a bit of envy spreads over me.  Friends that haven't put down roots yet, still free to roam the globe.  We just finished watching the "Long way round."  If you haven't seen it, do.  I was already loving Ewan McGregor and now I just love him all the more!  And so amazing to see what they did!

Really if we ever relocated I think we'll leave the country.  It's a tie between Ireland and Germany.  We love being close to family and friends, but we've moved before...at the same time, I'm grateful because I feel a strong tie to St. George-like we're where we're supposed to be.  And Jon loves his job, and really we're not that far from the ocean...

Hmmmm...I need some adventure I think...


  1. guess what my choise for you would be...

  2. Putting down roots is hard, but worth it for those pumpkin heads. I vote taking Paisley with you to Cali. :D

  3. come visit London!

    what I would give to live in Germany again!! xoxo


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