{holidays}: thanksgiving

 The view from my parents backyard...I miss these sunsets...♥
 I couldn't stop taking pics of all the food it looked so good!!

 I love that Freedom is passed out in the background of this one.

 I wasn't the only one taking pictures...

 All gathered like vultures around the pies...

 Pie, Pie and more pie.  Oh, and the best chocolate milk on this planet...seriously.

Overall, it was a fun holiday.  We started at Denny's with Jon's Dad and Ilene, then we went to Wendy's house with her family and Jon's Mom and Stepdad, and then we ended up at my house with my family and a couple of my brother's roomates.  Unfortunately we were sick a good portion of the time that we were there, but I am so glad that we went!  It was so fun to see all of our family and enjoy the wintery weather (although I am glad to be here in warm STG for Christmas!) It was a wonderful Thanksgiving

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  1. Fun Thanksgiving, and cool pictures. Did you recently get a new lens perhaps?

    Thank you for the Christmas Treats.

    So we were watching The Grinch (the original, cartoon, one.) And we concluded that Paisley looks like Cindy Loo Hoo. Seriously, check it out.

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


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