{treats}: an unusual sight indeed

I still can't get over this snow!!  I've been sick in bed for 2 days now barfing up my guts (speaking of new years resolutions-I've lost 5 lbs!!) and today is the first day I've been out of bed...well kind of out of bed.  I knew that this was such a rare occurance that I had better go photograph it so I ran over first thing this morning in my weak state and snapped a couple of photos.  I still can't believe it.  Happy snow day!!


  1. Snow on a palm tree...always fun!

  2. Today I wandered across the folder on my computer that had all the "say nice things" papers from the Christmas party... 3 years ago? Maybe?

    I wrote on yours that you were just tapping into your talents and it would be amazing to see where you were in a few years. Amen.

    This is simply, amazingly, beautiful.


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