{secrets}: for you

A couple of life secrets for all:
  1. Buy a clear shower curtain.  It's wonderful-it looks cleaner and allows me to see what my child is getting into without having to get out of the shower.  Totally worth it.  And after watching too much CSI and whatnot, I'm no longer worried someone is going to sneak up on me...
  2. Gel nail polish.  MIRACLE.  seriously.  I've had mine on for 2 weeks-no breaks, no chips, no fake nail-ness to them.  Just perfect red nails that look like they were freshly painted.
  3. Couch covers.  Most people that come into my house for the first time typically make some remark about what a moron I am for having a white couch.  Well, its IKEA, and it's covered (but fitted so well you would never know).  After a soak in the Oxy-clean and a bit of Clorox II, it looks like brand new.  Chocolate, Strawberries, Tomato Sauce, yes my couch has seen all of those and survived triumphant!
  4. Christmas Goodies.  I have not gained a pound over Christmas or Thanksgiving this year.  Why?  I stopped telling myself no and just enjoyed.  I'm nearly positive it was guilt that was causing me to gain weight-not the actual food.  And believe me, I've eaten.  And all that fudge was SO good.
  5. Mr. Clean magic erasers.  As if these weren't the best thing ever, they now have them in mop form!!  Saved my life.  Speaking of which, please raise your right hand and solemly swear that you will never, EVER allow me to put white linoleum in a house I own!!  PROMISE ME...its bad...so very, very bad.
These are some life secrets I have...what are some of yours?

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  1. i love these secrets! you are funny and i like you. thanks for sharing. now, the gel nail polish, where do you get that? if i'm gonna paint my nails, i need something low maintenance like that.
    p.s. i also love to travel! i grew up moving all over the state. it drives me a little nuts having to stay in one place for too long! we've been in st. george for like 3 years straight now..thats TOO Long!!!!!!! i'll go to ireland with you, lets go.


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