{ramblings}: 4 am

When they say "5 hour energy," they mean 5 hours of energy...and maybe some more. I'm awake...wide, wide awake home from a drive from Salt Lake in the night-hence the 5 hour energy. I wouldn't endorse regularly using the stuff-it's potent!!
I can't sleep and I can't decide if it's the caffeine or my mind or both. It seems that some of the nights I think I'm falling asleep in front of the TV out of laziness it's actually just to get my mind to shut up. To distract it. Which is not something I endorse.
After reading Mama Pincocks discourse on Worriers I definitely fall into the "Regretters" category-so much that it can literally keep me up at night. Not only does regret keep me up, but what my next course of action should be. I've really learned over the years to shut my mouth and leave things be, but I still have to convince myself that that really is the best course of action in some situations. And I always assume the worst-that everything is always my fault because of some stupid thing I did or said.
I am up tonight because I can't decide what to do. Someone that Jon and I know is telling people untrue things about us around several topics that I had just decided to forget about and move on. Unfortunately for them, they have been speaking to some members of my extended family-and I don't know if they know that they are relatives of mine. (I am related to many people here in Southern Utah). Unfortunately for this person we have pretty specific evidence that paints a much clearer picture that certainly doesn't favor them. I had all intentions of dropping the whole thing and moving on...but it's hard to do knowing that someone out there is bad-mouthing my husband and I when it should probably be the other way around...
Should I be the adult in the situation and just forget it all and hope they stop-or drop to their level to clear our name and trash theirs??? The people we are dealing with are of a juvenile nature so it's extra tempting to take the second course of action...ug..I don't know. And for some reason I'm still awake at 4 in the morning thinking about how to address all of this. I just can't believe people could be so disrespectful and rude! I'm going to sleep on it. Any ideas?


  1. Obviously these kinds of things have kept me awake in the past as well or I would not Blahg about it. The sign that hangs on our door going out to the garage says:

    "I have learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live so that no one will believe it."

    Powerful. Especially since it gives all of the power to US not THEM to control any situation. That is my only advice...and I love you!

  2. I agree with nature girl's sign. I SO need to get me one of those. I think the best course of action is to a. ignore it, juvenile people thrive on your negative reactions
    b. if the content is nasty enough to be causing problems, meet this person face to face and simply tell them you would appreciate it if they would quit saying unkind things. That's it. Don't elaborate, don't argue, just leave it at that. But if you're like me and couldn't say that without eventually screaming at them, then back to ignoring it.

  3. my goodness. April how do you find these people. I know that you aren't scared to confront them, and maybe you should. They might think twice about talking if someone actually calls them out on it. As for me you know I would just ignore it. haha

  4. It really is tempting to drop to their level because it's something that's going to make you feel better...at least for a while. But I think that it's better not to say anything...because anyone that really knows you guys will know that all the trash talking is BS; since you guys are the most sincere people I think I know.

    Just remember that you are bigger people then that and you don't have to stoop to their level.


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