{theories}: mama bear

So I was watching the noon news today and saw the heard the most horrific thing. Something so awful, for the first time in my life I'm grateful I have had an anger problem. Somewhere in Northern Utah a Mom lost her little 4 year old girl in a Deseret Industries only to find her in the Men's bathroom being molested by some awful, creepy man who is now in jail with rape charges. A 4-year-old girl!!!! Just hearing the news sent electric tingles of adrenaline pulsing down my spine-and at that moment I became grateful for my anger problem, my joy in confrontation, and my small amount of self defense classes that have taught me how to use just about ANYTHING as a weapon (thank you Jon Cross!!!) My instant reaction just to hearing this news leads me to believe that if I was in the situation that disgusting man would be toast. I've often wondered what I would do if I myself was attacked but the thought of anyone EVER coming near my daughter causes a rage so violent I could actually be dangerous...I think there may be some validity to the "Mama Bear" theory. I hope I never have the chance to find out...

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  1. My favorite part of that story is that the other patrons in DI chased down and tackled the guy when he tried to flee. They held him until the cops came. If I'd been there, I wouldn't have just been keeping him on the premesis for the police to handle...

    I've never seen you get physically violent, but I know you have it in you, so I feel bad for the unfortunate soul that tries to mess with you or your baby!


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