{nostalgia}: the notebook

So I've been cleaning out my third bedroom-and it's bad. I was going to take before and after pictures, but it was actually bad enough that I just couldn't do it. Anyway, going through some of this stuff has been quite the trip down memory lane. Particularly sorting through my old journals and notebooks...so funny. Some of you may recognize this notebook...it has many a rambling in it from many random girls and a couple boys too. All the way back from Junior High...awww. Some of the highlights include:
  • "E-mail is a great thing to have!"
  • "Boys are dumb" "Not all guys are bad, some are dead," "We sent one man to the moon, why not send them all?" "So many guys, so little asprin"-We all apparently did not like the opposite gender at this time? Odd, because it seems we typically wrote exclusively about them...?
  • "Crayons are cool." "Applebee's is cool." EVERYTHING is COOL.
  • Fox Mulder and the X-files are the coolest thing in the whole entire world.
  • There are an array of alias' including: Marvin, Skittles, Grandoff, Fox Mulder, Chiquita Banana, Koala, Herman, Bob, Dana Scully, december 3, Hollywood, etc...
  • The official notebook rules: 1. No ripping out pages. 2. Guys are not allowed to read the book unless voted in. 3. No writing badly about anyone involved. 4. Refrain from swearing, but if you must, censor it. 5. Use both sides of the paper (we were going green even back then). 6. Always sign your name (or alias).
  • We discuss slave auctions, having your eagle stolen, periods, crime investigation, fire alarms, "hotties," and other such that when pulled out of context sounds particularly odd.
Overall the entire thing is hilarious. Just thought you might want to walk down memory lane with me...


  1. I'm pretty sure I was Chiquita Banana . . . or wait, was that Sarah? Enlighten me!

  2. Yes, you were Miss Chiquita herself. This was the funniest thing to find...it is so funny! I had forgotten that I had a lot of this stuff....


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