{rant}: marriage

I am ranting today because I am tired of hearing the same old tumultuous love story. I'm tired of it. And I'm a girl that loves some good drama. But it's getting overdone. What is wrong with being married and still in love? Why does marriage always have to be portrayed as a jail sentance, or as an end to the story? Why are all married couples in the movies bored and tired of each other and looking for a divorce? Or worse-cheating on each other, or contemplating cheating on each other, or going to cheat on each other? Getting married isn't the end. You don't have to choose marriage or a career-you can have both. You don't have to choose marriage or freedom!! Marriage is awesome! I still like my husband!! I'm nearly positive he still likes me! We're not constantly looking for an out! That crazy girl that I once was still exists and thrives a married woman! I love having a buddy in life. I don't think I would like living alone without Jon. And yes-maybe I would have travelled more. But really, it's so much more fun travelling with a friend too!! I don't know-I'm just tired of everything I see on TV portraying such a negative attitude about marriage-it's fun. There is peace in it. Can someone just write a love story between a husband and wife that love each other-that have always loved each other, and will continue to? Is that just too boring? Or too perfect? I worry for the next generation-they seem to think that marriage is a hopeless battle that will most certainly end in divorce!! How terrible is that! How sad is that. Too sad. Much too sad...


  1. If you write that story...I will read it! Totally with ya siter...almost 20 years here!

  2. Goodness, what did you see?

    But I agree, I find myself staying away from more and more media, because I'm so tired of how negative families and marriage are potrayed.

    I'm rather fond of my husband, too. We'll start a club. (:


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