{relationships}: food

Read this book! Over the past couple of years only a few things have changed my complex relationship with food. Up until then, it was a full-fledged war! Now, we are beginning to compromise. After getting married my relationship with food changed, after going through counseling, and especially after getting pregnant! But this book is amazing! It has finally given me some of the peace I've been searching for and sadly, it wasn't anything I didn't already know. Basically (and this is the LDS version) satan has convinced us to hate our bodies-the one thing he can't have! And we do. And we shouldn't. We should love and value our bodies. And trust them. And listen to them. And realize that we are children of God! We should lose our minds to our spirits-not the other way around! And I know this sounds really new-agey and like another feel-good book that won't do anything but I really think there is so much more to this than just some feel-goods. I've never successfully lost weight since I stopped hating myself because there is no reason to starve and beat up a body that you love! Since I've gained control of my life and enjoy it I have no reason to not eat! Unfortunately, I've swung a little far to the other side and I do occasionally catch myself doing so emotional eating (it was actually mostly at work...I eat A LOT less now that I'm at home). But I ate at work to cope...I needed it! And when you're in a sugar coma you can't feel anything else-you can't feel the stress or craziness creeping up on you and as soon as you can-cupcakes will again take it away! What is wrong with feeling-even if it is bad or difficult feelings? Why not be stressed...? It is ok to feel. And I'm learning what hunger feels like and what full feels like. I know what stuffed feels like...and I'm getting better at hunger... I began to listen and learn these things while I was pregnant, and now I'm just trying to hone my skills. I lost them while busy...which is so weird because how do you become so disconnected from your body that you don't know what your basic instincts feel like anymore? So me, my body, my mind, and my spirit are all getting to know each other again...it's been a good reunion so far...but really, I make no sense. Go read the book.


  1. Those are really great thoughts! I might have to look into this book. Thanks April:)

  2. i heard about this book! i have wanted to read this book!


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