{consequences}: supernatural

The consequences of watching too much Supernatural:
  • Salt has moved to the top of my "food storage needs" list.
  • When my cats eyes dialated (turned almost completely black because she wanted to play) I salted her and lit her on fire.
  • Guns are looking like maybe a good investment.
  • That silver refining community ed class is looking like a good idea.
  • We have finalized our zombie attack plan-meet at costco....uh...unless you're already a zombie...then...meet at Walmart? in bloomington?
  • I'm thinking its a good thing one of our friends is a mortician...in case we need some dead mans blood...
  • Everything now has something to blame. Dirty dishes? probably an evil spirit. Shadows? Probably shadow people.
  • Darkness=Scary.
  • What were those indian legends on the reservation next door...skinwalkers?
  • Oh, and crazy dreams. Don't worry though. In my last one I was in trouble so I would pause my dream and photoshop what ever the problem was out of the picture....which could lead me to another post: "the consequences of doing too much editing..."

We LOVE Supernatural. Jon really isn't into scary stuff...and really neither am I when it comes down to it, but this TV series is awesome! It is just a little bit of scary...not too much. Love it!

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  1. I told you!! Isn't it awesome!! I am super addicted to it. Where are you guys at???


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