{adventure}: toquerville falls

There is actually a crazy story that goes along with this place. Seven years ago (the first week I lived in St. George) a whole bunch of kids from here took me to this place. It was the coolest place ever! There was mud all over around the top of the waterfall and it was the perfect swimming temperature. And the bottom waterfall you could jump off into the very small (and a bit shallow) pond below. I have searched for this place since then and no one, and I mean NO ONE knew where this place was! After finding it again I now know why-it is in the MIDDLE of the desert with NOTHING even remotely near it and the road to get there could be considered impassable! And I rode in the back of the truck when I went there the first time! (Aw, the irresponsible things you do when cute guys are involved!) I have asked people that have lived in Southern Utah their entire life where to find this place and no one knew! Finally Jon's friend Scott started talking about his friend that had been to this cool waterfall (unusual, because they are few and far between in the middle of the desert!) and I just knew it was the place! And it was! So much fun!
Awww...swimming as a family.
That bottom waterfall is about a 10+ft drop or so into a 6ft deep pond...not too bad. Lots of fun!
Oh orange and red desert how I have come to love thee!
Jon caught a frog! So cute!

He had to pose with it because he loves it! Froggie!

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  1. Ooohh what a spiffy place! We'll have to go out there and go swimming when we get back. Oh so coo!


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