{scoot-scoot}: pros & cons

Now that spring has sprung here in St George, and I refuse to drive the bus, I am back to driving the scooter. Oh how I wish it was this cute scooter, but alas, it is not. It is a ridiculous racing scooter from Spain that looks much better on Jon than me.
Either way, scooter riding is really quite fun during the spring but it has it's pros and cons:
  • Pro: It IS really nice outside.
  • Con: If you think bugs on your windshield are annoying, bugs in your lip gloss is way, way worse.
  • Pro: I get like 90 miles to the gallon.
  • Con: Not that it matters too much with my hair, but I wear a helmet and continuously have helmet hair.
  • Pro: As a chick walking out into the dark mall parking lot at night, no one wants to mess with you when they see that helmet-even if it is to ride a scooter.
  • Con: rain.
  • Pro: You get to smell, taste and see more of the environment around you. Golden Corral smells delicious in the morning (when they bake their rolls) and cemeteries are extra creepy because even during the warmest days, its cooler when you drive past them.
  • Con: Instead of looking super cute, I wear a bulky helmet, pants under my skirt, random hoodies and usually a pair of dress shoes (that look ridiculous with the pant-skirt combination).
  • Pro: I really am a better driver.
  • Con: People try to run you over a lot.
  • Pro: You gain heightened skills like swerving good.
  • Con: When you do crash, you will get hurt. Even when I laid mine down going slow I still got really ripped up.
  • Pro: There really is nothing like riding a scooter.


  1. Great list! The visual of bugs in my lip gloss made me squirm... yuck!

  2. Haha are you hinting to something?! Jk, thanks for the post, good things to think about if I ever decide to buy one! :)

  3. Ha ha. I actually have wondered about getting a scooter someday, but the crashing thing scares me. Now more than before because of what I call "the long board incident"


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