{update}: paisley, among other things

Paisley has discovered her voice. We have gone from a happy quiet baby that sleeps often, to a wide awake baby who whines and talks always. always. she must make noise. Unfortunately for Jon (the mother figure in our family) this is his absolute top pet peeve, and close to the top of my list as well. The gurgles and sighs and trills are cute and fun, it's the continual uh-uh-uh-uh whine that can bring us to a snapping point. We're thinking that she just likes to make noise and hear the sound of her own voice (Jon says she is so much like me already it's scary). She has decided that she wants to sit up, by herself and no longer enjoys the recline of the boucy chair, and the bumbo is too confining (did I forget to mention that she can't yet sit up by herself? She can't, but she wants to). So to sum it up, she is growing and progressing far too fast and healthy and wonderful as can be. We love her, growling continual whine and all. Work is hard. It's long. I logged around 55 hours last week and I'm glad to have a day off. I have to keep reminding myself that black friday is on friday and its all downhill from there. Jon is so done with school. I think we've both reached a breaking point and fortunately the end is in sight. I hope.

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