{rant}: photography

I've really put off ranting about this, but I saw yet another blog with yet another photographer who sucks at photography. Now, I am not saying that Rachel and I are the very best photographers on the planet. What I am saying is that we invested A LOT of school, time, money and equipment into what we do. We actually have professional equipment. We actually went to school for photography and digital motion picture production. We took classes in how to do things the right way. We've attended things like WPPI and worked hard to make a break into the wedding industry here in St George by advertising and putting on booths in the wedding show. We competed with the 60 other photographers last year and got voted for the cover of St George's Wedding magazine. Yet business is slow, and everyone is hiring crappy neighbors over us that just have a "cool" camera and learned how to use Photoshop Elements or some other crappy computer program. Why did I bother doing college at all? It makes me so crazy because now that digital has taken over, everyone with an SLR thinks they are a photographer, and they're not. Not at all. Go do the work if you want to charge people money! Pay business license fees, property taxes and sales taxes! Why do we bother doing things the right way??!!? Grrrr. I just get so fed up with it all. And really, not as much anymore because I'm too busy as of yet to even pick up a camera, but really that's what I would like to be busy doing...

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  1. Ouch! Painful to the just starting, sucky "photographer." :-) I can see why you feel that way though. You have put a lot of time and effort into what you do. I hope business picks up for you soon!


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