{blessings}: running water

I take so much for granted. I'm going to go ahead and group you in with me, WE take so much for granted. I feel more and more like I come from a spoiled generation that is only getting worse sometimes. At 4 o'clock this morning when I needed to go to the bathroom, I walked the 12 steps to my bathroom, one bathroom of 3 in my small townhouse, and when I pushed a little handle down, my toilet flushed. When I washed my hands clean purified water came out of my faucet and was warm because I wanted it that way. Had I wanted it cold, it could have done that too. This is amazing! Can you imagine how in awe our pioneer ancestors would have been! Indoor plumbing! Clean water! Warm or cold! I think I really realized this as I took a shower yesterday-it was helping my cold feel better to be in the warm shower with all the steam, something I don't think I could have enjoyed so easily 100 years ago. I was feeling very spoiled for ever thinking my life was hard. I think its a bit silly sometimes when people think that it would have been nicer to live back then in "simpler times." What is simple about getting dressed at 4 in the morning so you can go outside in the cold with the bears and go to the bathroom? Nothing. That sounds not simple and not fun. I actually laughed out loud while reading my scriptures the other night because Nephi was actually wishing the same thing. I think this was 3rd Nephi, but he was explaining this exact concept of how nice it would have been to lived previously in more simple and righteous times. If he's already wishing that back then, then we've got a lot of generations back to live in to reach this "simpler times" goal. I like running water. and google. and pacifiers. and cars. I'm feeling very blessed.

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