{inquiry}: balance?

I have a sugar addiction. a severe sugar additction. I said I would blog about it, and that time has come. You see, beyond that severe sugar addiction is my crazy schedule. Currently I work 40-50 hours a week, when I'm not at work, I'm sleeping or feeding my baby. Now you would think that with all the breastfeeding, working on my feet and running around that I'm doing I wouldn't also have a weight problem. And it's not even that I don't want to work out or that I can't make a little bit of time, its that my body and feet hurt so much when I'm not working that the only things I can get myself to do is laundry and housecleaning. and feed my baby. Now, back to the sugar addiction. With the joyous holiday season, eggnog, cookies and an array of other delicous sweets have invaded not only my personal refridgerator but also my work space. Oddly where I cannot find time to work out, I certainly find time to eat. So while I was able to get rid of my pregancncy weight, I'm not shaped the same way I was pre-pregnancy and it makes me believe I will never wear a swimsuit again. ever. Oh, and to top it off, Jon bought himself a chin-up bar and offered to let me work out on that. right. I still to this day have never been able to do a pull-up. And I'm currently considered obese. I don't want to be obese anymore.

So with all of that back story:

  1. How do I get over my sugar addiction without feeling like I'm depriving myself? I like to have something sweet after every meal and I hate looking a plate of cookies and not eating any. And I don't have the self control to have just one. I try. One becomes four very quickly.

  2. I know that swimming is a great exercise option that will not further inflame my already sore feet and body but when? I don't actually see my husband as it is and asking him to continue to watch Paisley while I go do things like swim makes me feel bad for shortening the small amount of time I have with them when we're all awake.

  3. I don't want to be obese anymore. I need help.

Thank you for your participation. Oh and I tried gum chewing too, and it doesn't work. I figured out that if I just spit the gum out then I can cram more food in my mouth.


  1. Welcome to my world, girlfriend. Damn the holiday season and its fattening treats! So, the reason one craves sugar in the first place is because simple carbohydrates like sugar and white flour make your blood sugar spike and fall more drastically than other foods, like complex carbs, fats and protiens. The fall after the spike is what makes you crave carbs and more sugar, because your body wants to run at that high blood sugar level. Unfortunately the only way to break the cycle is to not eat those simple carbs. Stop eating = no more spikes in blood sugar = no more drops in blood sugar = no cravings. Simply said, not simply executed, I know.

  2. I love sugar too, as evidence of that I just tested high on my glucose screening test for gestational diabetes! So, my Dr. told me to stay away from refined sugars, he told me instead of 3 or 4 cookies I could have a half and instead of a whole piece of pie I could have a sliver. ha ha! Have you ever tried to just eat a half of a cookie? it doesn't work! So I have discovered that fruit is a lifesaver when I need a sugar fix. I bought a pineapple and cut it into pieces and put it in my fridge, and I peeled pomegranates and put them in a container in my fridge and I buy apples and oranges and other fruits to have around instead of the cookies and cakes. make sure you eat the fruits in moderation too. I have found that they pretty much always fill my sweet tooth need and I don't get the big blood sugar drop after wards. It is hard for a couple of days while your body adjusts to lower sugar levels. you will feel like you are dragging, but you will feel better then before with out the highs and lows. I hope this helps!


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