{crave} vs. {save}

Carmel Apple Cider. I NEEDED carmel apple cider. Those of you who have enjoyed the delicious delight of Starbucks carmel apple cider can appreciate what I am writing about. I needed it so much that I'm blogging about it. Yes, the desire is that bad. But to spend $4 for a cup, a single cup of carmel apple cider seemed a bit expensive. A bit TOO expensive. So, off I was in search of a replacement-what can I do I thought to myself. Lo and behold at Target-I found a 2 gallon jug of carmel apple cider-not even just apple cider, but carmel apple cider (they just add a couple more cups of sugar to apple cider to make it carmel) (speaking of which my upcoming post: 'I have a sugar addiction' is coming soon), but yes, 2 gallons for $2.98! A steal! And the spray whip cream was only like $2 or $3 more! Now I will enjoy carmel apple cider for days to come and have plenty to share!


  1. i too sans kids used to buy that drink! i LOVED it so thanks for the heads up on Target's selling caramel apple cider =)


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