Pregnancy Rant

WARNING:  This may be too much information.  Proceed with Caution.
I can no longer see my crotch and it's beginning to weird me out!  If I look down I can't see my feet either but I can peer around my belly to see them.  I simply cannot with my crotch.  I have broken out in a peach fuzz that I never knew was possible.  Everyone I've talked to says that it goes away after you have the baby...I sure hope so.  I've never been so fuzzy.  I always thought that pregnant women could just eat and eat and eat...You Can't!!!  There isn't room!  The most delicious, wonderful food can be sitting right in front of me and I can't even make a dent.  I will eat until I'm filled and be starving hungry 2 hours later only to eat 2 bites more of something.  I only hope I can hang on to this eating pattern after-I'll be sure to lose weight.  I am beginning to go a little crazy-I'm starting to believe that everything that happens to me is a sign of labor.  Ooo, my back hurts-this could be a sign of labor.  Actually, I think that is a sign of pregnancy, I don't remember a time that my back has not hurt.  Oh!!  And I just want to lay down on my back.  It is so hard to explain because I wake up after 5 minutes of sleeping on my back with this feeling of impending doom like I am doing something that is very bad as my hands and feet begin to fall asleep.  So frustrating.  I still have morning sickness.  I know at this point that really makes me a weirdo, but if I don't take my Zofran first thing in the morning I am throwing up bile before I have anything in me to throw up.  I am SO grateful that I live in this day and age with wonderful things like Zofran and Google to calm my labor fears.  One of my bigger pet peeves has definitely been loss of energy lately.  I was doing so much better there for awhile and now if I have even a 4 hour shift at work I'm exhausted.  I feel like such a pregnant women, waddling around with my hands pressed into my lower back.  There's more, but this has gone on long enough.  Thanks for listening...

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  1. Hang in there...you'll get there. It's terrible at the end...pretty soon you'll be a (excuse the expression) "whale" beached on the couch...if you haven't felt that way already. I'm so sorry for you, only 26 more days!!!! Hang in there!


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