The 4th, Camping, and fun in the sun

These are big boy sparklers that aren't actually supposed to be held in the hand...
Navajo Lake, up on Cedar Mountain.  It was so nice to get away to a cooler place, and I haven't seen forest in a long time.  It rained a bit, but it just made it all the nicer.

And I don't know if you can see it, but this is Jon emerging from the water slide at Dixie High School.  We went last weekend with Steve & Kim and it was really fun.  Teigan made it down twice, but wasn't really sure that she liked it.


  1. HA!! I really like Anti-Nephi-Lehi actually. But I don't know if I can convince Steve...maybe Michael Jackson Cooper; that's a great one too! YOu definately gave me some great ones to think about!

  2. Fun stuff.

    Come on now, it's the "City Pool" and the "Hydrotube." You a St. Georgan or what?

    I love that pool. Your picture made me want to go. I wonder if we'd even be able to talk Frankie into trying to go down.


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