The Belly

It is so weird to look and see how big my belly really is!  I knew I was huge but I didn't realize how far out I was until I saw these.  I didn't know if I would be able to do it, but I did do some nudes too that turned out really cool (tasteful maternity nudes).  It is amazing what dramatic lighting can do for dimples and stretch marks.  Those pics are available for home viewing only...We didn't want to offend anyone by posting them online.  Hopefully only 5 more weeks and we get to meet baby Paisley!!


  1. Um....dibs! You look gorgeous, as always. Love that belly!

  2. you are adorable!!!! I miss you and I am so excited for you. YOu look great. I am sorry for all thr frustrating things that pregnancy bring but you are being such a trooper and the back sleep thing it goes away and you can sleep on your back again once baby comes. Well cute little momma I can't wait to meet your Paisley I need your address by the way


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