Day #261 My Birth Plan

  1. I would like to be referred to as "Princess Cupcake" exclusively by the entirety of the hospital staff for the duration of my stay.
  2. When my baby arrives I would like it to be a girl.  They said it was a girl but just in case it isn't, please make that happen.
  3. I don't want ANYTHING to hurt-down to a painless IV stick and easy labor.
  4. I would like my hands, feet, back and perineum to be massaged simultaneously throughout my labor.
  5. After my baby's arrival I would appreciate at least 3 compliments of how skinny and fabulous I look every time any hospital attendant enters my room.
  6. While I am being complimented I would like to hear how perfect and beautiful my baby is also.
  7. Oh, and I could really go for some chocolate cake...


  1. um..........good luck with that, Princess Cupcake ;-)

  2. Well "Princess Cupcake" it sounds great to me! I agree with everything on your list 100%! I need a plan like that!

  3. This is the Greatest birth plan ever:) She is going to be beautiful! So is she coming early if you got stripped?


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