Day #265

Every night when I go to bed I think that I can't possibly become more uncomfortable.  I wake up the next morning and find that I was wrong.  Sleeping no longer heals the pain, I wake up sometimes more sore that when I went to bed.  Paisley is uncomfortable too-she's been poking and prodding me more and more as she has less and less room to move.  I'm just starting to feel bad for her at this point.  I really have been trying to enjoy this last little bit of being pregnant-but when my ankles look like elephant feet and I can't breathe most of the time, it's really hard.  And really, I'm just very impatient.  I want to meet her...

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  1. I couldn't enjoy the last few weeks either.. it was so miserable and Reed just wouldn't budge! So I totally know how you are feeling, but I came to conclusion later that was my body telling me that I want the baby out and not in because a week later and reed is crying all night long, i would have wanted him to stay in my stomach, but then I remembered how miserable that was and I started to cringe. I guess I would rather have a screaming baby.. :)
    I hope that she isn't 2 weeks over due :) that means you have 3 weeks left!! jk, she will come soon


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