Day #257

I need someone that hasn't seen me in awhile to tell me if I've dropped or not.  I'm feeling more pressure in my  lower abdomen like I'm stretching more-I hope that means I'm dropping.  That would be good.  If you could then tell me that my cervix is dilated to a 5 and I'm in labor and I can't feel it...that would be even better.  I broke down yesterday and finally signed up for WIC.  I've been putting it off because I want to believe that we don't need the help...but we do.  I guess 1 in 4 women in the U.S. currently use WIC-that eased the hit to my pride a little.  They are so funny because they REALLY want you to breast-feed, which I am planning on and they still drilled me.  Anyway, back to me dropping-anyone want to take a shot at it?


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  2. We use WIC. It's great for families on a tight budget, but I hate going to their appointments because they always treat me like I don't know anything.

  3. I'd love to come inspect your belly and cervix. I'm not so sure that I am qualified, but I'll have a crack at it! But only if I can put you in stirrups...=D

  4. Sorry you have to be on WIC, but I'm glad you are taking care of your family's needs in the best way you can.

    Breastfeeding is wonderful and although it's not easy to learn at first, you will NEVER regret breastfeeding your baby. (Many regret giving up after initial difficulties.) It can be tough at first, but get some help, or give me a call! We have had our problems, but have stuck to breastfeeding despite all the medical problems our boy has had.

    May I recommend going to a La Leche League meeting (it's free) and getting to know some other breastfeeding moms? It has been invaluable to me and a good way to meet other moms in your situation.

    Also, make sure you have a lactation consultant (not just the one from the hospital) that you can visit when you get home with the baby. (Your OB may be able to give you a referral or there may be a lactation clinic nearby.) Doctors will often push formula if breastfeeding is not going easily, and they are NOT generally trained in lactation.

    Savor these last moments before the baby comes. These are the easiest days of taking care of Paisley that you will ever have. Blessings to you and John. Love you so much.


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