Little Boxes, Little Boxes and they're all made out of ticky-tacky...

Well, a bit about Jon and I.  We've been married now for, almost 3 and a half years.  We still live in our dominantly orange apartment with our cat (and child) Jamie.  Currently we are hosting another resident, my sister Julie.  We've been the home to many random residents through our marriage, my business partner Rachel for a couple months, and many other friends looking for a bit of sanctuary.  It's nice to think that our old and very orange home can be a sanctuary for other people-it certainly is for us.  Jon and I are both planning on going back to school full time in the fall-something that we have not both done for 3 years.  We've switched off a lot as to who goes to school full time and who works full time.  Now I will be doing 3 jobs and full time school and Jon will be doing 1 job, full time school, and trying to help with my sanity full time.  WE JUST WANT BACHELOR'S DEGREES!  And sometimes, I don't really know why.  If you would like to venture into the world of our jobs, feel free to visit the following websites:  Amelie Photography:  http://www.ameliephotography.com, St George Weddings:  http://www.stgeorgeweddings.com, Jon's work:  http://www.orangebychoice.com, and my other full time job...I'm going back to trouble youth.  I love it.  When we are not working and going to school, we have a fabulous group of friends and activities that keep us rather busy:  Monday is FHE, Tuesday is Volleyball, Wednesday is Hip-Hop class, Thursday is Scrubs, Lost, and movie night.  Friday lately is supposed to be Date night but has been turning into go-home-and-sleep-night, which we're both OK with.  Saturday Jon works on this crazy VW Bus that he loves and I'm usually off shooting a wedding, or editing a wedding, or something to do with weddings and pictures.  Sometimes we clean the house-but it is a rare happening, unfortunately.  Having my 17-year-old sister with us has been fun.  She has had a huge awakening as to the world of marriage, pregnancy and young children.  Currently it seems that all of my close friends and current co-workers are prego or have children.  fun fun.  Someday Jon and I will have children.  People ask us more and more when and really, we couldn't tell you.  It will be a surprise, randomly one day to all of you.  We just want to be a little more ahead of the game I suppose.  Our most recent excuse is that they are expensive and they eat your food.  and they do.  Ask anyone that has one.  Right now is a huge transitioning phase for us and if we can get through all of this, it will be great.  I think that is enough for tonight-perhaps more another day...

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  1. Good work. If you don't have a journal that tottally counts as an entry. It was really fun to read, and it is funny how involved friend time has become this summer. I started realizing there was something almost every day and I was like "no wonder we aren't getting our house put together!" But it's worth it, I think it's awesome to have such good friends.


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