Snow Day!!!

Our poor kitty-kat got her first taste of snow this year.
Unbelievable.  seriously.
St George had it's first real snow day.  School was cancelled and everything (for a whole 2 inches of snow.  I know, it's weird)  We're a bit more accustomed to Idaho where we need a good 5 feet to cancel school.  Anyway, I've never seen it stick for a whole day-and such huge flakes!  It was a amazing!


  1. Jon is rocking that beard, dude. How is it to kiss that? You tell those pansies in St. George to grow a pair! 2 inches is so not enough for a snow day. I remember our only snow day during High School...it was in the middle of April and it snowed like four feet overnight. Now that's a snow day!

  2. Dude, I know. I agree wholeheartedly.


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