April is Prego...

This is a picture of Me and Jon.  I am blonde now, and much much skinnier and Jon looks like a cartoon...
The pictures I took of my test turned out bad, so I stole a stock photo on the internet.  You can just pretend it's mine-it's the same brand I took.  


  1. PHOEBE: "WHAT? That is brand new information!"

    ROSS: "You already know, don't you."

    PHOEBE: "Yeah, a little bit."

    I love you. and your unborn child.

  2. Can I just say again how excited I am for you guys?! Thanks also for the family pics. I miss you guys...we need to hang out!

  3. So excited for baby Davis.

    I predict a girl. I am wrong 90% of the time.

    Hope you guys had a good Christmas!

  4. April, you're a hot blonde. And it looks like Jon's been hitting the tanning beds.
    I'm so happy for you. Please don't pass along the luck though. ;)
    Oh, and I have chocolates for you. I hope that doesn't make you vomit.


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