I'm starting to feel like I've been brainwashed.  That may sound funny, but I'm totally serious!  I found myself yesterday thinking "awww, I miss being pregnant...I loved rubbing my belly full of baby..."  Then I took a second to really try and think about what was going through my mind.  I had to fight to remember that the reason I was rubbing that belly is because it was uncomfortable and sore-sure it had a sweet baby inside, but that is not why I was rubbing.  It was a fight to try and really remember the discomfort...as if those memories had just been washed out of my brain!! Weird!!  The craziest part-I was still pregnant only 3 weeks ago!!  I swear I can remember the pain of knee surgery 10 years ago better than the pain of pregnancy!!  I will say the labor and delivery part has stuck with me...but the day to day of pregnancy misery is fading faster and faster with each day.  It's weird, not gonna lie.


  1. seriously! I want to know where my brain is keeping all of that awful information, then I won't have anymore kids!

  2. Oh April. I hope you know that even though I am terrible about staying in touch I still care about you very much and miss you and your growing family! We are actually applying for a job in Salt Lake so that would definitely be closer to you guys. We might be down in St. George in the fall so well will say hi if we are. Stella is beautiful and I am so happy for you. Good luck with everything and hope to see you soon!


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