{baby}: update & pics

OOOooooo baby.  I finally finished Stella's newborn pics, but I'm going to make you go over to the fotoblog to see all of them.  Yes, I am that lazy.  This one is a favorite.  I wish she was sleeping, but oh well-she wasn't too interested in doing much of what I wanted her to do with pics.  That's how it usually goes photographing your own children!  I love this because these are the reason we named her Stella!  These are Jon's most favorite guitars.  His Mom found his first one in a dumpster with a broken neck and he fixed it up and cut teardrop holes out of the body.  They are 3/4 size guitars and they have a nice folky sound.  I love them too.  Oddly they seem to be multiplying around here...we once had 2 guitars and now we have 8...hmmmm.

In other news Stella slept for almost a 5 hour block a couple nights ago!!  Oh, it was wonderful so I was really excited but unfortunately it was short lived.  She's been on the eat-every-2-hours-or-less schedule since she was born and I'm tired.  I think she's just been hungry because she's been growing!!  She had already gained a pound at her 2 week and grown an inch!  It goes too fast, but when you aren't sleeping, not fast enough! lol  We can already see her starting to pudge a bit so that's a good sign..I'm hoping she'll put on some weight and be able to sleep longer.

Paisley is doing really pretty well.  We had a rough week 2 weeks ago but things are already looking a bit better.  I just had to realign the best ways to discipline her and also figure out how to do that while nursing ALL THE TIME.  It's not easy, but since I've been staying on top of her she's really improved.

Only one more week until my 6 week check-up!!  Jon couldn't be more excited...

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  1. Oh how i love your posts - yeah for Jon on the 6 week check up - made me giggle -right out loud!


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