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May was an absolutely crazy month for us.  We had a lot going on the entire month-starting with friends weddings and showers and ending with my sister's wedding and Stella's birth!  We also went on a Pioneer Trek with our ward.  I was partially in charge of a couple of the meals for the trek and it was our last opportunity to go camping with just the 3 of us.
 These are actual pioneer ruts carved in rock by handcarts on their way to St. George.  I am SO grateful I stayed at camp while Jon and Paisley trekked.  It was pretty intense!!
 I still can't believe they came down this way.  They decided that even though there were only 30 or so people trekking, they wanted to take ALL 5 of the handcarts, barely loaded.  I think next time they'll opt to take 2-ish.  It was rough.
 Paisley (the filthy, filthy child shown above) caught a frog.  I have never seen her so beat up as she was after trek.  She was covered head to toe with dirt, cuts and bruises.  It took a shower and then a bath the next day to reveal all of her injuries.  She LOVED it though.
 This is them, ready to set out for the day!  I'm so glad she went with him!
 I went on a trek of my own.  In the car.  To Enterprise (the closest town) to make some phone calls since we didn't have reception where we were.  I also may have stopped at Marv's for some lunch...teehee.  On the way back I stopped the pioneer cemetery called Hebron.  I thought this grave was interesting...Indian Squaw?  I guess they were kind enough to bury her?  It was way over scrunched in the corner next to another one that just said "Transient"  ouch.
 I still can't get over this damn.  Also built by pioneers (as far as we could understand) it was pretty crazy to see that it's been laid rock by rock.  The reservoir up above is apparently full of fish?  And the wildflowers were gorgeous.  It's cool to see what will bloom in the blazing hot desert we live in!

I wish I had taken a picture of the food.  We had 15 dutch ovens all going at once with chicken, potatoes and cobbler.  I'm so glad I stayed at camp while everyone else trekked.  I wanted to go, but realized that I could either cook or trek.  And I think I chose wisely by cooking-everyone was pretty hungry when they got back.

We actually left early because my biological cousin drove down for the solar eclipse and stayed with us Saturday and Sunday.  It was really cool to actually meet someone from my biological side.  She's from Georgia going to BYU Provo and had tons of fun stories about her family and my biological one.

 The following week/weekend Chad and Sarah got sealed!  It was so neat to go through the temple with them and their sealing was really cool!  My cousin got married that same day at the same time so I got to see a bunch of my extended family as well!
 The next week my family started arriving.  My parents got here Tuesday and Wednesday was my baby shower.  I'm so glad for everyone that came!  It was really fun and so well put together.  I wish I had taken pictures!!  Thursday night was the Rehearsal dinner for Brian and Christina.  It was a Hawaiian themed luau and as you can see they dressed well for the occasion!  The food was amazing!
 Friday, Christina got married!!  Paisley loved her pretty white dress!  And she looked so darling in her dress (a stark contrast to the filthy child pictured above with the frog).  It was so great to see all of my family.
 I'm not sure what's going on with my face in this pic, but everyone else looks good.  I can safely say I was in labor at this point, and not in a particularly good mood.  I was happy to be with friends and family and sad to be contracting and dying of heat.  I believe we hit 102F that day...it was blazing hot.  Paisley could not have been happier.  She made friends with my cousin's sweet little boy and they ran through the park all night together, happy as can be.  It was cute.
The reception turned out gorgeous.  My parents are now completely sold on hiring a wedding planner.  I'll post more pics of the wedding soon over on the foto blog.  It really was darling.  I'm just so glad it's all done.  It's been super quiet around here since and I almost don't know what to do with myself...oh wait, yes I do.  Sleep when I can and keep feeding this hungry little baby!

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  1. Darling, darling pictures! Can't wait to see more of the wedding. And sad I missed out on the trek, yet again. :( Next time! ps.can't believe Paisley caught a frog!


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